Shaping True Story by Candace Kearns Read

Shaping True Story

Are you interested in writing a book or screenplay based on personal experience? I've been helping people turn true stories into great writing for twenty-five years, and I've recently decided to share my passion through articles, workshops, seminars, and a book, Shaping True Story into Screenplay.

In my work as a story analyst, I often come across material based on real people and real lives. Only rarely do these manuscripts and screenplays manage to take imaginative leaps, create memorable characters, and weave complex storylines into cohesive dramatic narrative. This is because it's tough to achieve the necessary distance when transforming reality into story.

Using a methodical, yet intuitive approach, you can achieve that distance by focusing on the themes of your story and letting that serve as a springboard for plot and character. Sometimes, this also means letting go of some of the "facts" in order to find the "truth." Often, it means taking what you know, and travelling with it into the unknown.

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Shaping True Story into Screenplay

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